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Experience a Luxury Wellness Retreat in the Dolomites at FORESTIS

Tucked away in the northern reaches of Italy, the Dolomites stand as an enigmatic and lesser-known destination, perfectly aligning with the current trend among luxury travelers who are seeking off-the-beaten-path locations for wellness-infused getaways. Ideal for discerning travelers in search of a high-altitude haven of unparalleled beauty, this majestic mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a unique and captivating experience that sets it apart from more popular destinations. Boasting 62 luxury rooms and suites with panoramic views of the Dolomites, FORESTIS is a conceptual five-star mountain retreat where time can be fulfilled with emotional value through physical and mental mindfulness. Surrounded by the four elements of pure spring water, pristine mountain air, endless sunshine, and a mild climate, FORESTIS invites travelers to embrace the healing of Celts’ homeland.


Embracing an Undiscovered Marvel

Despite their immense allure, the Dolomites remain largely uncharted by mass tourism, rendering them an idyllic refuge for those yearning to escape the throngs. The unspoiled wilderness and tranquil panoramas offer visitors an opportunity to bask in a realm of serenity and solitude amid the grandeur of nature. As a mountain retreat removed from bustling tourist hubs, the Dolomites provide an impeccably preserved haven that entices travelers to embark on an authentic and serene expedition.

A Realm of Elevated Grandeur

Rising peaks, awe-inspiring precipices, and expansive valleys, the Dolomites cater to the desires of every adventure-seeker. From hiking trails affording breathtaking panoramas to exhilarating rock-climbing escapades, the diverse terrain of the Dolomites emerges as a playground for those seeking an adrenaline-infused communion with nature’s masterstroke.


Nature Enthusiasts’ Utopia

The Dolomites extend beyond being a mere playground for thrill-seekers; they also embody a haven for enthusiasts of the natural world. This region is adorned with a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, creating a habitat for rare and protected species. As travelers traverse the surroundings, encounters with majestic alpine ibex, playful marmots, and majestic golden eagles within their native habitats await. The kaleidoscope of hues adorning meadows and woodlands during warmer seasons creates a visual spectacle, while the glistening embrace of winter snow blankets forms a bewitching wonderland.

A Cultural Legacy Like No Other

Beyond their natural splendors, the Dolomites exude a distinctive cultural heritage that enhances the region's allure. The traditional mountain hamlets, emanating rustic charm, and the genuine warmth of the locals offer an authentic glimpse into the rhythms of local life. Wyda, the ancient Celtic practice of movement exercises and meditation, breathes added vitality, flexibility, and inner balance into the experience. Dating back to the times of the druids—prominent figures in ancient Celtic cultures known for their robust health attributed to Wyda—this practice infuses Forestis with energy. During the balmy summer climates, guests are encouraged to engage in Wyda amidst the open air, immersing themselves fully in the Dolomite environment and harmonizing with nature's essence.


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