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Tswalu – A New Beginning: A book for the purposeful traveler

Tucked away under the expansive African skies, Tswalu Kalahari stands as an off-the-beaten-track wilderness, a realm where unique flora and fauna thrive amidst the stark contrasts of the southern Kalahari. Within the pages of "Tswalu – A New Beginning," the reader discovers an insightful narrative that pays tribute to the dedicated individuals who call this reserve home. Their profound commitment is to leave the world in a more favorable state than its original form, echoing the very essence of Tswalu's name, which means 'rebirth' or 'new beginning' in Setswana. This remarkable book valued serves as a testament to the tireless efforts of the Oppenheimer family, who have passionately stewarded this land since 1999. Their vision has brought about the restoration of indigenous species, the healing of overgrazed lands, and the emergence of Tswalu as a beacon of conservation success. As the new camp, Loapi, is unveiled, it becomes an integral part of this endeavor, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of the Kalahari's unique biodiversity. Through "Tswalu – A New Beginning," readers are granted access to a profound journey, one that intertwines exploration, luxury, and a resolute commitment to conserving the natural world. 

International Cost (total w/ shipping) $60


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