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Discover the Ultimate Photographic Safari Experience at Tswalu in the Kalahari

Tswalu, located in the Kalahari, has recently introduced a remarkable photographic safari experience for guests with a special interest in wildlife photography. This new venture includes the expertise of Trevor Kleyn, a dedicated specialist photographic guide appointed at Tswalu.


With his extensive bush knowledge and experience as a FGASA-qualified nature guide, Trevor is the perfect companion for guests who share a passion for wildlife photography.

Tswalu takes great pride in offering comprehensive photography classes tailored to individuals of all skill levels. Whether guests are complete novices just starting with their cameras or experienced photographers looking to refine their techniques and explore new challenges, the classes are designed to meet their specific needs. Trevor, with his keen eye for detail, leads guests through advanced photography techniques such as long exposure, astrophotography, and creative use of natural light.

The Kalahari's dramatic topography, featuring the Korannaberg mountains, arid savannah, and characteristic red dunes, makes Tswalu a prime destination for iconic wildlife and landscape photography throughout the year.

Guests booking a day with Trevor will have the opportunity to use Tswalu's fully equipped photographic safari vehicle. The modified vehicle is geared to meet the needs of a solo photographer while still providing ample space for a second guest. The rotating swivel seat allows for an uninterrupted 270-degree arc and can be locked into position. It is also fitted with a stabilizing arm and platform for capturing sharp, steady images, even with a long lens. Hatches cut into the sides of the vehicle enable photographers to lie flat on a firm mattress to photograph animals at eye level.

The photographic day package includes the undivided attention of Trevor as the specialist photographic guide, accompanied by a dedicated and experienced tracker during the safari. The package further includes two hours of informal classroom-style tuition to enhance wildlife photography skills, as well as editing and processing in Adobe Lightroom at the Motse Camp's fully equipped Photographic Studio. Guests interested in printing their newly taken photos can take advantage of the on-site printer, capable of producing prints up to A1 size on either paper or canvas. One edited wildlife print is also included. The photographic package with the specialist guide is levied at an additional cost, and advance booking is subject to availability.

Tswalu in the Kalahari has truly embraced the art of wildlife photography by introducing this exceptional photographic safari experience for its guests. With Trevor Kleyn as the dedicated specialist photographic guide, Tswalu ensures that visitors with a passion for wildlife photography are in the best hands possible. The photography classes cater to individuals of all skill levels, providing personalized instruction to meet their specific needs and enabling them to unleash their creative potential amidst the captivating beauty of the Kalahari's wildlife and landscapes.


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