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3 Sustainable Winter Experiences in the Dolomites

Located in the Italian Dolomites at 5,900 feet above sea level, FORESTIS offers winter experiences for an eco-conscious stay in the mountains. Inspired by the surrounding dense mountain forest, this sustainable hideaway invites guests to reconnect with their body and soul by embracing nature through signature sustainable activities, from sport to spa treatments. Here are three experiences for an eco-friendly winter:

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Snowshoe Hiking

Winter sees the landscape around FORESTIS covered with snow and ice. The cold air purifies nature and immerses the woods in a tranquility that brings profound recuperation to those out walking. FORESTIS hiking guide Herbert leads guests over frozen brooks, snow-covered woodlands, and untouched snow fields for a rejuvenating snowshoe hiking experience in the Dolomites. Unlike the practice of ski and snowboarding, which produce greenhouse gas emissions by using ski lifts, snowshoe hiking allows guests to explore incredible landscapes while having no environmental impact other than the footprints left in the snow.

Spa - Tree Circle Ceremony

After a day on the slopes, guests can immerse themselves in the surrounding nature and ancient traditions at FORESTIS’ spa. Inspired by the Celts who once roamed these forests and believed in the healing powers of native trees, the tree circle ceremony is a signature massage aiming to restore physical and mental mindfulness. Each session begins with the choice of a tree—where guests are offered four native species—and intuitively pick one after touching, seeing, and smelling it. The chosen scent is sprayed in the room while wooden sticks and stones are incorporated into the massage to release tension. The constant rhythm of the energy flow of the materials, along with the special technique and the warm oils from the essences of the particular tree, brings balance to the emotional, vital, and mental realms. The sound frequencies of the tree create vibrations that, when combined with healing woods and stones, release blockages and create harmony and physical activation, thus closing the circle.

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Tree Circle Ceremony

Go Local

The South Tyroleans attach great importance to old traditions, boasting an array of local festivities during winter, where guests staying at FORESTIS can explore the charming villages while supporting the local communities. In the beautiful Cathedral Square, the Bressanone Christmas market is set in the cultural and artistic capital of the Isarco Valley. Throughout December, guests can visit the baroque-style Cathedral Square where the market joins the bustle of activity with tranquil surroundings. The 37 stalls offer many original gift ideas from the area’s traditional Alpine craftsmanship, such as ornaments, delicious mulled wine, and local bread and Christmas cookies. An antique carousel and ice skating rink next to the Bishop Shop spread holiday cheer and the 28th anniversary of the Bressanone Christmas market features the spectacular light and music show “Soliman’s Dream.


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