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Where to Go to Enhance and Restore Your Wellbeing

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

While international travel is still limited at the moment, destinations and properties are starting to open up again, and with their openings come amazing experiences to enhance and restore guest wellbeing. From relaxing in world class spas to connecting with nature, hiking, biking, and more, here are a few wonderful opportunities for travelers to focus on their wellbeing.

Pool at Hotel Le Coucou in Meribel in France
Hotel Le Coucou

Hotel Crillon Le Brave - Wellbeing in the French Countryside

Provence, France has long been a destination for focusing on health and self-care. The natural and picturesque surroundings of Provence offers many athletic activities to help visitors focus on restoring overall wellbeing. Hotel Crillon Le Brave offers many experiences to practice wellness including the dramatic spa set in a former 18th century vaulted stone sable, an exclusive pool to take a dip in, private tastings in the hotel’s private cellar, or catching up on some reading in the tranquil garden. The hotel also features two restaurants that celebrate exceptional produce and magnifies authentic flavors of Provence with local and traditional dishes that are both healthy and tasty. The recipes offered at each restaurant employs healthy, natural and seasonal ingredients to amplify flavors without adding anything artificial. The result is meals and juices that are hearty, wholesome, fresh and delicious.

Fregate Island - Wellbeing in the Seychelles

Fregate Island is one of the most revered hideaways in the Seychelles, offering privacy and seclusion with 17 beautifully crafted villas throughout pristine nature, as well as seven beaches- including the only privatizable beach in the Indian Ocean. Guests can spend plenty of time outdoors by hiking and mountain biking over six miles of trails through the jungle, diving and snorkeling in the bright blue sea and enjoying guided nature walks with Fregate Island'sresident conservationist. For true relaxation, guests are invited to an introductory yoga session in the morning and a welcome massage at Rock Spa, which uses natural ingredients from the island in their products.

Private pool at Fregate Island in the Sechelles
Fregate Island

Quasar Expeditions - Wellbeing in the Galapagos

Quasar Expeditions offers guests the chance to disconnect from their devices and connect with their surroundings for a week of wellbeing, thanks to remote cruises on their small yachts, the M/V Evolution and the M/Y Grace. Sailing through the secluded Galapagos Islands, the cruises allow guests to spend a week getting up close and personal with the islands' amazing animals by snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and kayaking. Adventurers can expect to see plenty of native wildlife, including turtles, sea lions, and the infamous blue-footed boobies, creating a once in a lifetime experience - without any distractions. Complete with delicious meals, time to relax in the hot tubs, and plenty of space to unwind in a deck chair under the sun, travelers come home revitalized and with a new appreciation for the beauty found in nature.

Tswalu - Wellbeing in the Kalahari

In Setswana, Tswalu means a “new beginning” and will leave guests feeling refreshed after days spent exploring all that the Kalahari has to offer. Tswalu is a place for those who value access to South Africa’s last remaining wilderness - a privilege that far outweighs more conventional notions of luxury. As the largest, privately owned reserve in South Africa, its wide, open spaces have long drawn travelers seeking a deeply layered, immersive experiences. From the ancient quartzite Korannaberg mountains to the southern Kalahari’s grassy, red sand dunes rippling away to the horizon, Tswalu offers what discerning guests crave most - space. This is a place to recalibrate and reconnect, both with nature and yourself. In addition, Tswalu's award winning spa is crafted from natural materials such as reed ceilings and dry-stone walls in the relaxing indoor and outdoor showers. Treatments range from aromatic candle massages to exfoliation with red dune sand, desert mineral crystals and botanical fibers, all sourced from the Kalahari. When they aren’t recharging in the spa, guests can enjoy Tswalu’s safari drives during the day and plenty of outdoor time under the stars at night.

Roofs of the Bergoase Spa at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa in Switzerland
Bergoase Spa at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Tschuggen Grand Hotel - Wellbeing in the Swiss Alps

Nestled in the Alpine region of Arosa, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is known for its unique

ultramodern Mario Botta–designed Tschuggen Bergoase Spa. The 54,000 square-feet spa and wellness center is built directly into the mountain and connected to the hotel by a glass walkway. A four-story retreat waits behind the sail-shaped windows, including a rock grotto, fire pit, indoor and outdoor pools and saunas, and private spa suites. Travelers can also take advantage of yoga sessions and personal training. In addition to the unforgettable Tschuggen Bergoase, the hotel is also known for offering a variety of outdoor wellness experiences led by the executive staff. General Manager Stefan Knoll leads various biking excursions on the mountain trails, Food and Beverage Manager Claudio Laager takes guests on a mushroom foraging trip through the forests and Executive Assistant Manager Leonie Schefenacker guides travelers on moonlight and sunrise hiking on the local trails.

Saxon Spa - Wellbeing in Johannesburg

Tanya Lopes, Spa Manager at the exclusive spa of the Saxon Hotel, believes the health of the immune system is paramount in order to maintain mind and body wellness as well protect against illness. In a time of conscious living it is important to be mindful of lifestyles in order to live the best possible version of oneself and take accountability of one’s own health. As a local to the bustling city of Johannesburg, Tanya believes no matter where one might be, self-care can be practiced in any setting as long as the five pillars of wellness are followed to ensure a healthy lifestyle. These five pillars of wellness are exercise, nutrition, stress management, sleep, and supplements. An oasis nestled in the metropolis of Johannesburg, the Spa at the Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa is a lovely and transcendent retreat from the busy city. The spa boasts many natural features and design elements which are strategically integrated throughout the facility to promote both vitality and balance. Treatments offered at the spa also celebrate nature, natural elements and holistic wellbeing. Two signature spa treatments incorporating natural elements are the the Himalayan Signature Journey, Sound Therapy Advanced with Crystal Therapy.

Floating spa on Monkey Island in Bray-in-Themse in the United Kingdom
Monkey Island Floating Spa

Monkey Island Estate - Wellbeing on the Water

The Floating Spa at Monkey Island Estate in the village of Bray-on-Thames offers a unique spa experience on the River Thames. The Floating Spa is the latest addition to YTL Hotels’ award-winning Spa Village collection. The bespoke crafted barge is the first of its kind in Britain, anchored on the banks of Monkey Island Estate and featuring three tranquil treatment rooms, a stunning wheelhouse reception area, and an Elixir Bar. The Spa seamlessly blends the island’s storied past with the power of water to craft specially curated experiences. The spa’s signature treatment, The Monks Elixir, begins with an elixir tasting of an ancient tonic, inspired by the monks who once lived on the island, followed by a full body massage with house-cured herbal and essential oils. The Floating Spa also features treatments like the Floating Massage, which mirrors the soothing effect of gently rocking on water, and the Garden Herbs and Magic Peat, which takes inspiration from the lush and vibrant grounds of the island.

Singita Volcanoes National Park - Wellbeing on Safari

A stay at Singita Kwitonda Lodge is sure to awaken a sense of self-discovery and reflection as guests immerse themselves in one of the most remarkable natural places in the world. Opportunities to retreat, relax and reflect are plentiful at Kwitonda as the lodge breathes a sense of peace, quiet and tranquility into its visitors. Warm fires, restful spaces, healthy food, yoga, meditation, massages, soft lighting and warm baths serve to nurture, comfort and rejuvenate guests as they connect with nature in a way they never have before. The Singita wellness philosophy creates an environment for an urban-weary guests to reconnect to nature, revive their senses, restore their body and mind, and explore our African culture. All treatments are offered in the comfort of guests’ suites or in the tranquility of their private outdoor deck.


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