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The Spice of Life: Maldives Hotel Joins Healthy Spice Movement

Recent research out of Mount Sinai has shed light on turmeric's potential in combating infections, certain types of cancer, alleviating inflammation, and addressing digestive issues. A separate study unveiled that turmeric exhibits comparable efficiency to the medication Omeprazole, which is commonly used to treat heart and esophagus problems. Cinnamon is another spice that boasts a wealth of antioxidants and heart-healthy properties, making it a valuable tool in guarding against diseases, countering inflammation, and combatting the effects of aging. These two spices serve as just a couple of examples of the many found along the legendary Spice Route, a historical network of trade routes that connected the East with the West, facilitating the exchange of valuable spices and goods.

For thousands of years, the spices discovered on the Spice Route have been cherished not only for their rich flavors but also for their healing attributes and extensive health advantages. They have found their way into modern lifestyles as supplements and versatile ingredients in cuisines, teas, health tonics, and even skincare products, showcasing their multifaceted utility. Taking inspiration from the legendary Spice Route, the restaurant Ba’theli, offers a culinary journey located on a boat within the lagoon of Milaidhoo Maldives. The name Ba’theli, derived from the Dhivehi language, signifies the cargo boats that once traversed between atolls and sailed throughout the archipelago, transporting goods and sharing knowledge about different lands, customs, and cuisine.

Remaining true to Ba’theli’s name origin, when guests arrive at Milaidhoo, they're welcomed by three wooden boats in the azure lagoon: one serving as the lounge and sunset bar, another as the kitchen, and the third lies Ba’theli restaurant beneath the starry sky and billowing sails. The Maldives, an influential trading port for merchants voyaging from Indonesia and India to Arabia, has embraced a wealth of spice-laden treasures such as cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, cloves, ginger, and pepper. This rich culinary heritage continues as Ba’theli’s award-winning chefs craft gourmet creations that harmonize these very herbs and spices.

Ba’theli stands out as one of the world's only restaurants, offering gourmet dishes inspired by island cuisine from the Spice Route while embracing the health benefits of its ingredients. Guests at Ba’theli have three dining options to choose from: a Maldivian heritage degustation menu, featuring a five-course tasting journey; an à la carte section with modern twists on traditional Maldivian delicacies; and the Spice Route section of the menu, where main courses are infused with local flair. It's a chance to savor the historical flavors of the Maldives and the Spice Route cuisine while embarking on a guided culinary journey.


For more information, visit or contact Milaidhoo via email at or by dialing +960 660 77 88.


Milaidhoo is a pristine island paradise proudly rooted in local island traditions. This boutique luxury resort features 50 contemporary Maldivian-style pool villas, custom-made and made for comfort designed by a renowned Maldivian architect. Each guest is assigned an Island Host to help create meaningful experiences and cater to the guest's every need. Activities include over-water spa treatments, sunrise yoga classes, and snorkeling excursions to view the incredible house reef. Dining is a highlight, with Milaidhoo being home to three world-class restaurants, including Ba'theli. This unique Maldivian restaurant reflects the islands' heritage and is built in the shape of three traditional boats on pillars over a lagoon. The restaurant's innovative and delicious meals are steeped in Maldivian tradition, with each dish inspired by favorites of the ancient maritime Spice Route. Milaidhoo is the authentic Maldives, a resort of re-invented luxury, where guests feel they belong, experiencing bare-foot informality within this tropical island's natural, lush setting. As an adults-only resort, Milaidhoo is childfree and tranquil where any dream can become a reality, from sunset dolphin cruises to sailing to a deserted sandbank for a private beach picnic.


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