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What's New In 2023

Updated: Jan 18

With New Year resolutions still fresh on everyone’s minds, these leading ships, hotels and camps around the world are set to create unique experiences for the wanderlust traveler to discover when they launch later this year:

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Quasar Expeditions

Quasar Expeditions will introduce its long-awaited M/Y Conservation yacht in the Galapagos in Fall 2023. With a comprehensive sustainability plan encompassing everything from design to daily operations, the Conservation experience will be entirely eco-friendly without compromising on the spacious comfort, luxurious amenities, and immersive Galapagos adventures Quasar is known for. The M/Y Conservation furthers Quasar’s mission to protect, conserve, and restore the islands.

Exclusively designed for 18 passengers, this yacht’s pioneering features include renewable energy components, biodegradable amenities, an entirely carbon neutral footprint, and a crew of environmentally-conscious hospitality specialists. The Conservation will also be able to host scientists, conservationists, and volunteers on board. Their initiatives will include conducting archipelago research, monitoring the impacts of introduced species and increased tourism.

One of the many goals of the M/Y Conservation’s goal is to allow guests to experience and appreciate the pristine ecosystem responsibly and sustainably. The islands in the Galapagos archipelago are 600 miles from the nearest land and this huge expanse of inhospitable ocean in-between makes it very difficult for new kinds of plants and animals to reach the islands. Because of this, certain endemic species such as blue footed boobies, the Galapagos giant tortoise and marine iguanas can only be found exclusively on the Galapagos Islands, and the M/Y Conversation will be almost entirely silent, as to not disturb the marine life.

Luxury Travel, Dolomites, Italy

In April 2023, FORESTIS is welcoming a sister property situated in the up-and-coming location of the Dolomites: Odles Lodge.

Further up the northern Italian Alps from FORESTIS, Odles Lodge is a stand-alone property opening in the up-and-coming setting of the Dolomites after being completely rebuilt in the past year due to a fire. The opening of Odles Lodge comes as the wave of boutique hotel openings in the Dolomites for a luxury retreat has been on the rise as travelers are seeking more peaceful, nature-immersed getaways.

The chalet and four individual suites at Odles Lodge feature minimalist design details, similar to the FORESTIS hotel, that allow guests to completely immerse into the surrounding nature elements. Utilizing locally sourced mountain-pine and spruce, the property boasts a light and airy feel, each with a balcony and vast windows, inviting guests look outside rather than in. Two of the four suites will offer two bedrooms and the others one bedroom, designed to accommodate various traveler types seeking a peaceful getaway. The rooms can also be rented out individually as separate hotel suites.

Armin Sader of the Asaggio Architects is the designer of Odles Lodge and FORESTIS. The aim of FORESTIS was to let the dignity of nature flow into an architectural project and create something profound where the natural warmth and hospitality of the hosts can unfold. The three towers grow out of the Alpine terrain and stretch into the sky like tree trunks, providing an unimaginable view of mountains and natural light in the luxurious, minimalist suites. Sader worked to remove as little of the environment as possible in his building of FORESTIS, using original, natural materials to respectfully renovate the interiors and the local trees as a source of wood for the foundational make-up of the property. The result is a clean, pure property with no “unsettling” features and use of wood, stone, glass, and natural textiles to symbolize the natural occurrences at FORESTIS.

Guests residing at Odles Lodge will also enjoy a sauna, steam bath, wine cellar, garage, indoor and outdoor pool, and alpine breakfast. All guests staying at Odles Lodge can utilize any of the FORESTIS amenities, including the rejuvenating spa and forest cuisine restaurant.

Luxury Travel, Safari, Africa
North Island Okavango

Natural Selection’s new camp, North Island Okavango, is slated to open in June 2023 and is located on a private island within a game rich concession in the northern edge of the Okavango Delta. This intimate camp is in what is undoubtedly one of the most famous wildlife-watching destinations in the world, with only three tents, set on raised wooden platforms overlooking stunning views of the lagoon, not taking too long for guests to relax and soak in the tranquility.

At North Island Okavango, travelers get to experience the Delta three ways; on land (game drives and game walks), on water (mokoro and boat meanders) and in the air (hot air ballooning and scenic helicopter flights). Unlike other camps, North Island will also have water-based activities almost all year round, all depending on guests’ preferences and their safari wish list.

Visitors will enjoy the very best of Botswana’s wild and wonderful places, surrounded by a mosaic of islands netted together by shining lagoons and transient channels. As guests explore this incredible eco-system of floodplains, open savannah and woodlands, they’ll enjoy wildlife encounters like never before—from big cats, to buffalo, antelope, and aardvark. For birders, this is a dream come true with over 350 species of birds recorded in the area.

North Island Okavango offers exceptional comfort, style, and luxury. The use of textures, fabrics and local craftsmanship celebrating the modern Africa extends through to the generously sized rooms. Guests can enjoy 140 square meters of interior and outdoor space to relax and indulge in; with a private plunge pool, sunken sundeck, indoor and outdoor showers, bath, air-conditioning, fireplace, and Wi-Fi, each suite offers incredible comfort—without compromising on safari style.

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