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Pangkor Laut Resort Presents Opera in Paradise 2023

Travelers can prepare to be swept away on a harmonious journey like no other at Pangkor Laut Resort this fall. From October 20th to 22nd, and for an enchanting weekend every year thereafter, Opera in Paradise will grace this private island haven with the artistry of world-renowned performers, creating a crescendo of emotions and melodies.

In this debut year of Opera in Paradise, the resort presents a trio of extraordinary talents who will transport attendees into a realm of musical wonder. Guests can immerse themselves in the dulcet tones of Andrea Griminelli, an Italian flautist with a career spanning over three decades, including collaborations with the legendary Pavarotti himself. Witness the captivating duo Belle Voci, comprised of Emily Burnett and Sophie Rowland, as they embark on a mission to share the magic of opera and classical music with audiences far and wide. And be captivated by the artistry of Michael Austin, a trailblazer who has not only earned his place as the only African-American Othello of our time but also achieved the distinction of being the first non-Chinese performer to assume a leading role in a Chinese opera.

This extraordinary musical extravaganza unfolds on an unconventional stage—nestled within the embrace of Pangkor Laut Resort's ethos of 'one island, one resort'. Here, cherished moments are woven against the backdrop of sun, sea, sand, and ancient rainforests that have flourished for two million years.

The genesis of Opera in Paradise harks back to a momentous occasion: a semi-private recital by the iconic tenor Luciano Pavarotti in 1994. Pangkor Laut Resort was the chosen setting for this larger-than-life performance, commemorating the resort's second developmental phase. The maestro's visceral connection to the location was palpable as he exclaimed, "This place is enchanting, it is paradise here." His sentiments found musical expression as he dedicated the heartfelt strains of 'O Paradiso' to encapsulate his perception of Pangkor Laut Resort.

Today, the legacy lives on as the resort pays homage to Pavarotti by naming its most opulent suite in his honor, affording guests breathtaking vistas that parallel his enchantment. As three decades unfurl since that seminal performance, the selected artists for this year's event serve as a fitting tribute. Following the spellbinding concert, travelers can indulge in sunset cocktails and an exquisite dining affair, enveloped by vistas of emerald waters and luxuriant mountains.


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