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How Hotels Leave a Lasting Impression on Guests

As IHG's first five-star hotel in a resort location, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach always strives to go above and beyond in providing guests with top quality services that leave a lasting impression. For many travelers, the 289 room hotel which also includes 23 suites and 19 villas, feel like a home base thanks to Hotel Indigo's unique take on concierge services called "Neighborhood Hosts." Whether its providing coffee capsules, planning the perfect proposal, coffee with written messages, or ensuring the Spice Girls are playing upon the arrival of a VIP guest, below are some great stories from The Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach Team on how they make each and every guests feel appreciated.

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Coffee Capsules

Mr. Rudolph one day requested for coffee capsules from Hotel Indigo's Windu. The next day, he didn't request the coffee capsules, but once he returned back from his long day trip he discovered that Windu prepared extra coffee capsules with a note wishing him to have a great day. Mr. Rudolph was very touched by the small but personal gesture.

Spice Up Your Life

When preparing for his butler assignment, Pak Bagus noticed that there was a VIP staying in the villa for only one night. He thought of different ways to take her short visit memorable. He began googling and discovered that she loves The Spice Girls band. He and Pak Brama turned the TV on to YouTube and began playing Spice Girls songs. When the guests was escorted to her villa, she was shocked and asked the butler, how did he know that she loved the Spice Girls so much. She thanked the butler for the sweet surprise.

The Perfect Proposal

A guest staying at one of the villas wanted to purpose to his girlfriend after a New Year's Eve dinner, but he had no idea where to start. He asked Hotel Indigo's Arya Lantara for help on creating the perfect proposal. Arya arranged for the band that was playing at dinner to follow her back to the guests villa. Arya prepared the villa with roses, music from the band, martinis, and hid the ring under a large bouquet of roses. With Arya's help, the proposal was seamless making it easy for the guest to get down on one knee and even easier for his fiancé to say the two words "I do."

Flat White Coffee With a Message

When Hotel Indigo's Pras noticed a frequent guest staying in the villa would always be on his Ipad working during breakfast and often seen in a rush. He thought of ways to make his morning more relaxing. Pras decided to prepare table number 8 at Makase (near the buffet area),ensured that the table was vacant and escorted the guest to the table. The guest was very surprised that his usual flat white coffee was ready once seated and that Pras placed it on his left side since he is left-handed. Just as the guest was leaving Pras prepared another flat white coffee with the message 'enjoy your coffee while working.'

Visa Crisis Averted

When one guest ran into the issue of her visa expiring shortly, she was devastated that she couldn't extend her time in Bali. After witnessing the guests sad demeanor, Hotel Indigo's Ayu H made several calls to help. After a lengthy amount of time on the phone, he was able to extend the guests visa for 3 more weeks. During her time she explored more of the island on a motorbike and tried many restaurants outside of the resort.


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