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Complimentary Guest Wellness Programs at Hotels

While traveling it’s important to stick to wellness routines and maintain healthy physical and mental balance. From kayaking in the Galapagos to in-room virtual fitness sessions in Johannesburg, here are hotel properties that provide complimentary daily wellness programs for guests.

Gaya Island Resort
Gaya Island Resort

Kayaking Tours and Nature Hikes at Gaya Island Resort

Gaya Island Resort is a five-star property located on the island of Borneo, set within the protected Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, that also plays a proactive role in animal conservation through their Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre and Gaya Island Resort Wildlife Centre programs. During every stay, travelers are invited to visit the centers and take part in one of their signature experiences, including the Mangrove Kayak Tour, where travelers are guided through the 100-year-old forest to spot crabs, peid hornbills and lizards, and Guided Nature Trail Hikes, leading through tangles of vines, looping rattans and massive trees, to see the island’s wildlife up close. Both are small-group tours offered daily and led by the property’s Resident Naturalist to minimize human impact on the wildlife and their habitats.

Hiking, Snorkeling and Kayaking with Quasar Expeditions

A leader in experiential travel across South America, Quasar Expeditions offers guests the chance to connect with nature and wildlife in the Galapagos Islands on their yachts, the M/V Evolution and the M/Y Grace. Sailing through the secluded islands, the cruises allow guests to spend their days getting up close and personal with the islands' amazing animals by including daily snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and kayaking opportunities for travelers to participate in. Through these experiences, adventurers can expect to see plenty of native wildlife, including turtles, sea lions, and the infamous blue-footed boobies.

Hiking, Biking and Foraging with the Executive Staff at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Located in the Alpine region of Arosa, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is known for its wellness experiences offered both in the unique Tschuggen Bergoase Spa, which include yoga classes, personal training sessions and access to the swimming and soaking pools, and throughout the surrounding mountains, which include access to hiking trails and mountain and e-bikes. The hotel also features daily experiences led by the executive staff: General Manager Stefan Noll takes guests on biking excursions through town and the mountains, Food and Beverage Manager Claudio Laager leads mushroom foraging trips through the forests and Executive Assistant Manager Leonie Schefenacker guides travelers on moonlight and sunrise hikes.

Fregate Island
Fregate Island

Yoga at Fregate Island

At Fregate Island, the renowned conservation hideaway in the Seychelles surrounded by sparkling Indian Ocean, all guests can take a complimentary yoga session and welcome ritual to help them become attune with the island’s rhythm. Complimentary yoga sessions are held every morning during the week where guests can join the island’s instructor for group class at Fregate’s peaceful Rock Spa. Yogis can also book private session to practice their favorite kind of yoga anywhere on the island. Locations range from the lush jungle to the pristine sands of Fregate’s seven beaches.

In-room Virtual Wellness Classes at The Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa

An oasis nestled in the metropolis of Johannesburg, the Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa is an international wellness destination and lovely, transcendent retreat from the busy city. Reopening on May 1, 2021 the Saxon will launch and offer Earth + Sky Virtual Wellness Journey, for in-room virtual wellness classes to elevate the guest wellness experience. Within the privacy of their own room, guests will have access to a wide variety of classes to choose from including guided mediations and instructor led fitness sessions. This new experience will be included within the room rate at no extra charge and guests can practice wellness within their own space on their own time and schedule rather than having to accommodate their schedules to instructors or group wellness sessions.

Morning Yoga Sessions at Ellerman House

For a wellness retreat that also offers art, culture, wine, modern cuisine and stunning surroundings, Cape Town’s Ellerman House is the perfect destination. Included within the guest experience and each night’s booking at Ellerman House are complimentary daily group yoga classes onsite. Guests can start their day off with practicing mind and body balance with one of the hotel’s morning yoga sessions. Based on the principles of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga the gentle restorative sessions focus on breathing, movement and meditation and is suitable for all levels of practice. The setting of Ellerman House is an idyllic space for yoga as the exclusive location of the mansion property overlooks picturesque Bantry Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, providing an inspiring and tranquil view ahead.


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