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Five nature-immersed regenerative experiences from across the globe

From luxury spas overlooking scenic mountains to relaxing safari retreats, here are five luxury properties offering unique wellness experiences amidst nature:


Transformative Retreat in the Dolomites

FORESTIS is a five-star conceptual retreat in the Italian Dolomites, sitting at 5,900 feet above sea level and offering privacy with wellness at the forefront and completely reimagined. At FORESTIS, the luxury of time takes charge—time for guests to reconnect with oneself and nature, as the Celts who once roamed the Dolomites once did, through several rejuvenating and transformational experiences and being immersed into nature throughout a FORESTIS stay.

The pure spring water, the purity of air, the endless sunshine, and the mild climate are the four pillars of the FORESTIS wellness approach. The signature treatments incorporate the four pillars, such as the Forest Tree Circle Ceremony, Healing Wood and Stone Massages, and Mountain Pine Body Scrub, utilizing the trees and stones from the surrounding dense forests while practicing the traditions of the Celts to leave guests feeling rejuvenated.

The spa stretches over 2,000 square meters (21,528 square feet), featuring four spacious saunas, a steam bath, ice cascade, and an indoor and outdoor Plose-water pool made from Dolomite stone, and a private room. Wyda Yoga is the movement of the Celts, aiming to unite humankind and nature to achieve harmony through mindfulness, and is commonly practiced both within the spa and in the pristine mountain air. Other wellness experiences include ski-in / ski-out, snowshoe hiking, hiking, and cycling that encourage guests to connect with nature round out a wellness retreat.

Finch Hattons

Gently Restore in Tsavo National Park

Located in the heart of Tsavo National Park, Finch Hattons offers the ideal escape where the body, mind, and soul can be gently restored. In this nature-immersed location offering game drives, bush walks, and full-day hikes, guests can also relax, rejuvenate, and refresh in nature with Finch Hattons’ Chyulu Wellness Retreat Safari Experience, the largest bush spa in East Africa.

The Chylulu Spa is complete with a yoga deck, two treatment rooms with air conditioning, and infinity spa pool, indoor and outdoor shower facilities, a gym, a Hammam, and a relaxation area with treatments inspired by ancient African wisdom and exotic indigenous ingredients. The Chyulu Experience begins with a full body exfoliation followed by a luxurious body mask, formulated with mineralized clay and nourishing oils, leaving a soft, smooth, and supple sensation on the skin. The Chyulu Experience concludes with a 15-minute Hammam and a deep tissue Oringa body massage, a holistic treatment that is based on the psychological and physical benefits of essential oils where Swedish and deep treatment massage techniques are designed to relax the muscles and ease tension, ultimately improving circulation, and promoting general well-being.

Guests can also enjoy a bush-immersed once-in-a-lifetime yoga experience based on the Baptiste methodology where certified instructors will help guests to connect with the surrounding nature and oneself while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Chyulu Hills.


Reconnect with Nature in the Kalahari

In Setswana, Tswalu means a “new beginning” and will leave guests feeling refreshed after days spent exploring all that the Kalahari has to offer. Tswalu is a place for those who value access to South Africa’s last remaining wilderness - a privilege that far outweighs more conventional notions of luxury. As the largest, privately owned reserve in South Africa, its wide, open spaces have long drawn travelers seeking a deeply layered, immersive experiences. From the ancient quartzite Korannaberg mountains to the southern Kalahari’s grassy, red sand dunes rippling away to the horizon, Tswalu offers what discerning guests crave most - space. This is a place to recalibrate and reconnect, both with nature and yourself. In addition, Tswalu's award winning spa is crafted from natural materials such as reed ceilings and dry-stone walls in the relaxing indoor and outdoor showers. Treatments range from aromatic candle massages to exfoliation with red dune sand, desert mineral crystals and botanical fibers, all sourced from the Kalahari. When they aren’t recharging in the spa, guests can enjoy Tswalu’s safari drives during the day and plenty of outdoor time under the stars at night.

Tucked away in remote seclusion, Naledi is Tswalu’s back-to-nature star bed experience that allows guests to reconnect with nature in a rejuvenating way. Layered camping stretchers with luxurious bed linen on the Naledi deck settle just steps away from an open-air shower and basin, perfect for an immersive nature experience. The unrefined basin invites guests to bathe and create authentic connections with nature as wraparound views, iconic biodiversity and uninterrupted stargazing create a timeless luxury.

The Saxon

A Hidden Oasis Outside The Bustling City of Johannesburg

An oasis nestled in the metropolis of Johannesburg, the Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa is an international wellness destination and lovely, transcendent retreat from the busy city. The Spa of the hotel boasts many natural features and design elements which are strategically integrated throughout the facility to promote both vitality and balance. While relaxing and pampering at the spa, guests will easily forget they’re in a city as the peaceful garden and heavy greenery surroundings of the hotel conceals the hustle and bustle of the outside beyond. The signature scent throughout the spa blends natural and therapeutic rosemary, eucalyptus, rose, jasmine petals, pomegranate blossoms, musk, cedar wood and sandalwood to both revitalize and relax guests. Treatments offered at the spa also celebrate nature, natural elements and healing properties of Himalayan salt for holistic wellbeing

A main attraction for many at The Saxon is the flotation pod and infamous hydrotherapy Plunge Pool. While the flotation pool was incorporated to mimic the healing effects and floatation within the dead sea, the hydrotherapy pool is used to reduce fatigue, stimulate energy levels and induce a state of relaxation.

A Peaceful and Historical Estate close to NYC - Hyde Park, New York

For travelers looking for a true country getaway, look no further than Hosack Farm, a historical gem that was originally part of the Vanderbilt Estate in Hyde Park, New York — only a short distance from New York City. Available for exchange as part of luxury property and travel club THIRDHOME's portfolio, this historic 10,000 square feet home was built by McKim, Mead & White in 1896. The gilded age home retains it’s elegant charm with large chef’s kitchen, seven bedroom suites, and large garden areas. The estate sits on nearly one hundred acres of perfectly manicured grounds that features private and has private access to the six-hundred acre Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site that neighbors the property.

A perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC and reconnect with nature, travelers will love Hosack Farm and its tranquil surroundings.


A Wholeness journey striving for inner connection

Singita’s Wellness journey has always been a holistic inspiration; prioritizing the physical and mental wellness of guests, creating harmony and a complete well-being while in the bush. Wholeness at Singita starts with connection, authenticity of relations, the bonds formed, and moments shared. Wholeness is a concept beyond wellness, positioning the complete Singita experience as a journey to happiness through intuition, inspired by Africa’s rich cultures and different regions.

The unique experiences are woven into the fabric of life through meaningful celebrations and meals, inspired storytelling, natural ingredients, as well as authentic warmth and caring. The journey is not limited to momentary treatments and brief escapes, every moment is designed to allow guests the space and time to completely unwind – from spending an entire day on your private deck simply listening to the sounds of the bush, and maybe pausing for an in-room massage; to a long picnic stop while on a game drive to connecting with the energy of the earth.

Using sand from the riverbanks in a foot scrub ritual at Singita Sabi Sand, to therapies featuring the benefits of coffee grounds at Singita Volcanoes National Park, and sadza (maize meal) at Singita Malilangwe – the approach celebrates a sense of place, allowing guests to personalize their experiences without the restrictions of limited spa menus, encouraging true healing through nature’s essential intelligence.

From guiding guests to feel the immense value of controlled breathing, to meditation, personalized yoga sessions in nature and the power of sound, all the gentle relaxation experiences are based on the belief that true wellness is an act of kindness – to others and to oneself.

Opening the door to experience a food journey, focusing on only enjoyment, togetherness, and nourishment – bringing it all together with the most-loved recipes in each region. Every tailored menu and meal are inspired by age-old customs – and offers the wholesome simplicity of authentic African dishes.

Inspired by true wisdom, warmth and attention, guests at Singita are wrapped in experiences that stir their hearts, inspire their souls, and restore their bodies.


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