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Experience a Sophisticated Halloween in Venice: Luxury Travel Redefined

This Halloween, step away from the conventional and embrace the unexpected by joining the Venetians in a uniquely captivating Halloween celebration in the city of canals. Venice, renowned for its luxury travel experiences, offers a Halloween that transcends the ordinary. The iconic Venetian masks take center stage, infusing the city with an air of sophistication that's unmatched anywhere else.


As dusk falls, Venice's intricate architecture, bridges, winding alleys, and picturesque canals create an ambiance that's perfectly suited for the eerie festivities. Shop windows are adorned with Halloween-themed decorations, and throughout the city, Venetian discos, bars, and restaurants host lavish costume parties. While the famed Lido Island hosts some of the most renowned events, other hidden gems offer even more spine-chilling experiences. Among these is the Doge's Palace, a historical monument that conceals secret passages, cells, and a chilling torture chamber where interrogations once took place.

Violino d'Oro

For those seeking an indulgent and opulent Halloween experience, the newly unveiled property, Violino d'Oro, from Collezione EM, promises a luxurious stay in close proximity to all the main events. This exquisite boutique hotel stands as a tribute to Venice's rich artistic and artisanal heritage. With 32 sumptuously appointed rooms, Violino d'Oro resides within a grand Venetian Palazzo, stretching from Calle XXII Marzo to Campo San Moisè and along Rio de S. Moisè. As curated by Sara and Elena Maestrelli, this five-star sanctuary seamlessly blends refined artistry with the comfort of an intimate home, offering an unparalleled vantage point to immerse oneself in Venice's bewitching allure.


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