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Slovenian Tourist Board

"I Feel Slovenia"

Slovenian Tourist Board


Slovenia is a country in the center of Europe, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea. It is one of very few places where travelers can swim in the ocean, ski in the mountains and enjoy a meal from the World’s Best Female Chef, all in one day. Slovenia is “Europe in a nutshell,” with a beautiful coastline, great skiing and a cosmopolitan capital, combining everything Europe has to offer in a nation smaller than New Jersey.


It was the task of IMAGINE PR to position this tiny gem of a country as one of the top destinations in Europe to the North American market. The main goals included to increase Slovenia's recognition in North America as a leading “green boutique global destination for high-end visitors seeking diverse and active experiences, peace, and personal benefits. To position Slovenia as the place for North Americans to go in 2019 and beyond, continue to strengthen the I Feel Slovenia brand in North America and to increase Slovenia’s global recognition and image under the brand I Feel Slovenia. Ultimately, the overall goal of the PR projects is to support sustainable growth of arrivals to the destination, geographic dispersion of visitation and increased visitor spending

IMAGINE PR's strategy was to position Slovenia according to its distinguishing features and promote Slovenian tourism products through increased coverage in key traditional and digital media and by leveraging industry and influencer partnerships to further strengthen the destination in the United States and Canada. Our targeted PR campaign included individual and group press trips, influencer visits, New York City media events, interviews with key the Slovenian Tourism Board leadership in key trade magazines and major TV placements, among other tactics. 


By the numbers, Slovenia had recorded a significant 36% increase of overnight arrivals of North American tourists from January to the end of October 2018, compared to the same period in 2017. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS), North America had also surpassed the UK in terms of overall visitor numbers and market share for the period of January – October 2018 (North America: 3.94% vs. UK: 3.83%). 




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